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Seaport Sessions: San Diego in Motion

Dec 24, 2019

Mike & Linda McWilliams, owners of San Pasqual Winery, to discuss the history and growth of San Pasqual, the various wines and tasting events that they have, and their planned expansion at their Seaport Village location.

Seaport Stories is a monthly feature that takes a look inside the small businesses in and around...

Dec 17, 2019

Elsa Sevilla, Director of External Affairs at the San Diego History Center and three-time Emmy Nominated Filmmaker and journalist discusses her documentary career, her love of storytelling, and the history of the Kumeyaay people in San Diego.


Dec 10, 2019

Max Daily, a San Diego based visual and performance artist, discusses his background and approach to art and the evolution of his award-winning installation, Oslo Sardine Bar, now on display at Seaport Village.

Max Daily:


Dec 3, 2019

Clayton Tschudy, San Diego biologist and expert horticulturalist, reviews trends in San Diego landscape design, and the regionally unique garden styles they are generating.

Clayton Tschudy:


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